11 am      Mary Dravis-Parrish : Where’s the Ease?
What if life weren’t so hard and difficult? What if life didn’t have to be a struggle? Creating more ease in your life can be as simply as ABC. Participants will leave this talk with action steps to incorporate more ease into their life.

Noon      Dana Stovern : The Magic Of Somatic Money
Learn the THREE main Somatic (Body) Money Tools I teach my clients for money success. These are well-researched, metaphysical money tools, illuminated with stories, that you can immediately begin to apply to your money life!

1 pm      Christine Wexell RN : 5 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs To Know
Five things that a cancer patient can do to create the optimal healing environment that the body needs to heal.

2 pm      Dr. Nadine : Talking with your Body to HEAL Yourself
Dr Nadine will be doing exercises during this time frame where you will engage with your physical body and Allow for Healing to occur.

3 pm      Gary Champion : Spiritual Connections
An interactive class of gallery readings. I will discuss what it is like to be a medium and give readings sprinkled throughout the class. Not everyone will be read but everyone can learn from the experience.

4 pm      Kathy Kehe : Live Your Bucket List
My life-changing journey on the Camino de Santiago – explore how taking a step toward something on your bucket list opens you up to experience greater levels of authenticity, joy, passion and purpose and sends a message that you’re engaging in life. Watch how the universe steps up to meet you!


11 am      Carrie Skluzak with doTERRA : Essential Oils and Pain
Emotion is the basis of pain and essential oils have a direct route to emotions via the brain’s amygdala, thereby providing a direct target to alleviating pain.

Noon      Marla Koupal : Youthifying-Embracing Adventure
Perspectives and practices designed to allow you to live well-thy, inspired and long.

1 pm       Melody Masters : Light and Harmonics – A Tool for Raising Your Vibration and Improving Your Health
A power point presentation on Light and Harmonics, focusing on the healing modality of far infrared. near infrared, and blue light along with specific harmonics that can improve ones health picture. It was recently cleared by the FDA for pain and wound healing. How Nitric Oxide works to improve circulation and extend cellular health and effect our DNA.

2 pm       Rachel Jayne Groover : How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence So You Can – Stand Out, Be Seen, and Inspire Others in Any Situation
Join Rachael Jayne Groover to learn – The 3 most important keys to creating a powerful presence that magnetizes people to you. • How to go from being shy or afraid of putting yourself “out there,” to being able to feel your fear, and not have it stop you anymore! • How to use your feminine power to accelerate your spiritual awakening. • How to set clear boundaries that will protect you from those who drain your energy.

3 pm       Ron Liggett : Opening Humanity’s Heart: Space Brothers, Angels and Elders
We can now let go of fear and hopelessness on our journey through change and discovery. All hearts are being stimulated as never before in planetary history. There is a coming together of Humanity’s graduates, friends and helpers to help guide us forward into the New Time. Learn the keys to awaken, thrive and help yourself and others.

4 pm       Tara DeLaFuente : Ditch The Ego & Discover Your Spirit
Discover the spirit inside of you and gain a closer and stronger connection with the universe in this lecture with Godmother Tara DeLaFuente, a Psychic Medium and Healer, who through her spiritual gifts and wisdom will open you up to receiving messages that will not only build strength and courage, but guide you along your path of enlightenment in a new and powerful way.


11 am      Julie Manhard : 10 Qualities of a Soulful Life
Nourish your soul, heart, mind and body with ancient wisdom and discover the 10 qualities of soulfulness.

Noon       Light Alchemy Hawaii : Riding your Brain Waves into Modern Mysticism
What were the tricks of the mystics and magicians of long ago? How were they able to explore the outer realms of consciousness, enter into trance states, and consequently communicate with the divine? In this lecture we’ll outline brain wave frequencies, their associated states of being, and how to train the mind to enter into these states readily.

1 pm       Matthew Robinson : Labyrinths, Sacred Geometry & You
The history and styles of labyrinths From Crete in 1900BCE to the Chartres Cathedral in France in the 1400’s. How labyrinths have impacted culture and their current popularity. The unique nature of the Starseed© design and its correlations to powerful sacred geometries such as the Tree of Life, The Merkaba and spiritual symbols. The universal nature of the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, and the Flower of Life and how we can begin to resonate and connect to higher levels.

2 pm        Dr. Ravi Ratan : Chakra Health & Lymph Drainage
Chakras are energy centers of the body, reflection of our healthfulness.. Energy moves in the body through Nadis, nervous system and circulatory system. Our lymphatic system is part of circulatory system that regulates our health, immune system and eliminates toxins. Lymphatic congestion leads to health issues like edema, upper / lower back and leg pains and more. Dr. Ratan explains benefits of Lymphatic Drainage for health and Chakra Balance.

3 pm        Babette Lacy : 2017 Predictions – 3 Astrological Views
2017, the year ahead, predictions for the upcoming year. This is a month by month presentation from a Chinese, Western and Vedic Astrological view. See what is in store for you, your country and the world.

4 pm        Robert Blond : Heart of Attraction
How to attract your Soul Mate, or improve the relationship you are in, by connecting with the Heart of Your Soul.


11 am       Lyn Ludwig : Essence of Dog
How the Divine in the Canine supports their Human Companion.

Noon       Heidi Royalty : Sonder – An Experience in Connection
Sonder is an experience where we will utilize essential oils and meditation techniques to connect on a soul level with one another. Sonder is about seeing people for who they are – a being of love.

1 pm         Cheri Goltl : Iridology – The Eyes Have It
A brief history of Iridology and basics of how the iris of the eye can be used as a preventative measure for health concerns.

2 pm        Charlyn Scheffelman : Finding Wicca- a Paranormal Journey
Charlyn will be sharing about my journey to find explanations for the paranormal events that have occurred throughout my life – what I think I learned from them and how they led me to Wicca.

3 pm        Carrie Pitzulo : Fundamentals of Feng Shui
Carrie will be explaining the basics of feng shui that can be used easily by anyone to increase abundance, wealth, love, and growth in all aspects of our lives.

4 pm        Mary Margaret Sweeney : Survival Skills and the Divine Feminine Presence
How the Divine Feminine Presence energy dominates in Nature. How to recognize it, pay attention, and rely on it to get you through.