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SATURDAY                           room 1

11 am       Sky Heartsong – Animal Communication 101
Find out how Sky started talking to animals 18+ years ago. Learn what can hinder and enhance communication with your animals. Bring a picture of your animal and Sky will help you give communicating a try! Sky will share stories from her years of experience too.


Noon         Cheri Goltl – The Eyes Have It- How Iridology Can Help Your Health
Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. This ancient system was used by the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. It was later adapted by the Western world and used by physicians for a number of years in the early 1900’s. Based on fiber structures in the iris, it is possible to assess health in organs and systems and address problems before they become problems. Simple changes in eating habits can improve your health and prevent problems.


1 pm                Judy Maize – Celestial Communiques with Audience Participation
After a short introduction of what Judy receives, this lecture will be an open forum of communication to specific audience members. This will be by query of Judy’s interpretive recognition of those attending.


2 pm          Yvonne Washington of Golden Light Rainbow – Spiritual Symbolism
Spiritual Symbolism is an ancient way of communication. Ask and it is given includes asking questions of Spirit. Understanding symbolism gives a clear and faster path to our answers.


3 pm         Roger Ringo – Reincarnation – Evolution of the Soul
Join master metaphysician Roger Ringo as he shares how previous lifetimes affect personal relationships, interaction with children, and career choices. Bring any question you have about reincarnation and learn compelling new insights. Do not miss this extraordinary presentation.


4 pm         Paula Elofson-Gardine of the TASEH Institute – Adventures in Mediumship
The “Clairs” –  What is the difference between someone that is psychically gifted and a Medium? Find out!


SATURDAY                           room 2

11 am       Rigel Smith of doTERRA –  Release the Root Cause of Pain
Did you know physical pain is often linked to a disempowering emotional root? Whether it is an occasional headache or achy join, pain is uncomfortable. Learn how to interpret the specific messages of pain based on location, bring awareness to the root cause, and how to release it using enhanced awareness techniques, new thought patterns, and essential oils. Essential oils and custom affirmations will be provided by Holistic Health Coach, Rigel Smith. Rigel has been professionally educating people across the globe to take control of their health naturally. You can read her bio at


Noon         Tara DeLaFuente – Ditch The Ego & Discover Your Spirit
Discover the spirit inside of you and gain a closer and stronger connection with the universe in this lecture with Godmother Tara DeLaFuente, a Psychic Medium and Healer, who through her spiritual gifts and wisdom will open you up to receiving messages that will not only build strength and courage, but guide you along your path of enlightenment in a new and powerful way.


1 pm                Sean McNamara – Telekinesis as science and spirituality
Sean will discuss how he learned telekinesis (mind over matter) and the spiritual and scientific principles that are made manifest with this special type of meditation practice.


2 pm          Ron Liggett of Share International Mountain West – Opening Humanity’s Heart: Space Brothers, Angels and Elders
Opening our hearts is the key to participating in the New Time. Learn the 3 steps to becoming fearless and open. Hear what Humanity’s guides and guardians are telling us about our next step.


3 pm         Sharon Hoery – mind-body-spirit: It’s in the Numbers!
Learn what the numbers 1-9 represent and find your Life Path Number plus what is your personal year cycle that you are in right now.


4 pm         Babette Champlin – Pendulum Basics – Would you like to learn how to use a pendulum?
The basics of how pendulums work and how to use them will be covered. There will be pendulums available for purchase as well.


SUNDAY                              room 1

11 am       Rhonda O’Brien – Working with Indigo
Indigo is a very powerful energy that can be used to enhance your psychic experience(s). Let me share my experiences with Indigo and end with a brief meditation to allow you to experience Indigo energy as well.


Noon         Regina Sisco – Five Tips On How To Become Your Authentic Self
I will share five tips that will help you to become your Authentic Self. Your Authentic Self is your true essence – your higher self. As you practice these tips your life will become easier, your spiritual connection deepens and your vibration increases! Join me. I look forward to meeting you!


1 pm         SOPHIA Ghost Whisperer – Ghost Whispering
Join Psychic Medium Sophia for this entertaining and enlightening Ghost Whispering lecture and group reading demonstration. Sophia is a psychic medium and trained intuitive practitioner using her ability to communicate message from spirit. Her readings cover topics including love and relationships, career, and intuitive development. The details she shares in readings is evidential proof of her gift.


2 pm         Melody Masters – Using Harmonic Light to Strengthen our Bodies Healing Response!
I will be presenting a brief discussion about how the use of Harmonics and Light can support the bodies wisdom and natural healing abilities. Increase Nitric Oxide, reduce inflammation, and FDA cleared for the reduction of pain.


3 pm         Hilary Dunford – How cannabinoids Work & Why it is Shown to be Effective
The science behind why Phytocannabinoid Diol rich Hemp oil is proving to be so effective is based on the human endocannabinoid system.


4 pm        TBA


SUNDAY                              room 2

11 am       The Urantia Book Fellowship – Astonishing Evidence of ET Visitation!
The Urantia Book is the most compelling evidence ever of intelligent extraterrestrial life. A group of extraordinary beings, commissioned by the headquarters of a trillion worlds, came to reveal the divine nature and order of the cosmos. These Universal Ambassadors provided 196 chapters that illuminate the meaning and value of human life. Come and see our world through their eyes.


Noon         NADINE – Eliminate Fear and Anxiety; Own Balance and Stability
Learn simple, easy tools to eliminate Fear and Anxiety running through your body. Reset your vibration at Balance, Stability and HAPPY.


1 pm         Spirit Wind – Dream Interpretation
Understand where dreams come from, the reasons we dream and what to do with them.


2 pm         Margaret Z Taylor – Empower Your Healing, Change Your Life
Learn quick easy tips and tricks to empower your connection to your own inner wisdom and power. It really can be so easy to start creating the life and health you have always dreamed of.


3 pm         Elizabeth Carroll – Talking to Your Animals
We will share ways to deepen your connection to your animals and understand what is going on when they start to misbehave. We will discuss ways to lesson separation anxiety and stress when we leave the house or go away. Bring a picture and learn how to deepen your heart connection to your animal companion.


4 pm        TBA