Lecture Schedule



11 am                    Carrie Skluzak with doTERRA: Essential Oils and Pain

Emotion is the basis of pain and essential oils have a direct route to emotions via the brain’s amygdala, thereby providing a direct target to alleviating pain.

Noon                Cheri Goltl: The Eyes Have IT!

A brief history of the development of iridology, basics on some of the most common fiber formations in the iris and what they mean, how iridology can be a proactive health benefit.

 1 pm                Robert Blond: Infinite Awareness within Past Lives, Karma

Come to a very deep understanding of meaning of reincarnation and karma. Notice the differences between the old thinking view to inner meaning within Non-dualistic Awareness. Robert has been teaching Self-Awareness, Mysticism and Metaphysics for 39 years.

 2 pm               Dr. Nadine: The POWER and Simplicity of COLOR

Come play with Color and experience the vibrational power color has in changing the Energy of any situation, conversation or event with Healer Dr. Nadine, who, through this fun and playful exploration of color, will not only reveal a few simple exercises demonstrating how color codes can cause shifts in your body, aura and room but heal something specific in your body or life.

3 pm               Carrie Pitzulo: Fundamentals of Feng Shui

We’ll discuss the basics of feng shui that can be used easily by anyone to increase abundance, wealth, love and growth in all aspects of our lives.

 4 pm               Tara DeLaFuente: Ditch The Ego & Discover Your Spirit

Discover the spirit inside of you and gain a closer and stronger connection with the universe in this lecture with Godmother Tara DeLaFuente, a Psychic Medium and Healer, who through her spiritual gifts and wisdom will open you up to receiving messages that will not only build strength and courage, but guide you along your path of enlightenment in a new and powerful way.


Lecture Schedule



11 am                     Psychic Medium Sophia: Ghost Whispering

Join Psychic Medium Sophia for this entertaining and enlightening Ghost Whispering lecture and group reading demonstration. Sophia is a psychic medium and trained intuitive practitioner using her ability to communicate message from spirit. Her readings cover topics including love and relationships, career, and intuitive development. The details Sophia shares in the readings are evidential proof of her gift.

Noon               Melody Masters: Light Harmonics and You

A power point presentation on LED/Harmonics and how this long researched healing tool can help increase Nitric Oxide in the body. Which helps with circulation, inflammation, oxygenation. This modality of healing has recently been cleared by the FDA for pain and wound care. Referred to as The Medicine of the Future, this non-invasive system is being used by NASA and the space station for recovery and rejuvenation.

1 pm               Ron Liggett from Share International Mountain West: Opening Humanity’s Heart:                                                                                                           Space Brothers, Angels and Elders

Time to let go of fear and hopelessness. Our journey through change and discovery begins. All hearts are being stimulated as never before in planetary history. There is a coming together of Humanity’s graduates, friends and helpers to help guide us forward into the New Time. Learn the keys to awaken, thrive and help yourself and others.

 2 pm              Debra Ananda: A Taste of Heart-Centered Meditation

Debra Ananda will introduce the practice of heart-centered meditation and participants will be able to experience it for themselves. Come with an open mind and experience an open heart! Please note: you must be present for the entire 45 minutes; we will form a sacred circle with a beginning and an end, and cannot accommodate latecomers. Thank you.

 3 pm               Megan Holloway: Practical Magick

American Folk Magick, Traditional Craft, and a touch of Hoodoo!  Megan Holloway of “The Cunning Toad” will discuss her contemporary Magick that gives homage to a traditional past, as well as a brief exploration of ethics in contemporary workings and what the witch, or healer’s, place is in these (often) trying times.  Concludes with Q&A.

 4 pm               Emily Wishall: Embodied Leadership

As an inspirational leader you need to be confident, at ease, and energized in your body so you can make the impact and have the influence you desire. But you can’t achieve confidence, ease, and energy, if you feel insecure or ashamed in your body or are experiencing physical pain. During this presentation, the audience will: •Discover the 3 things they must master to increase confidence and be seen as an authentic, credible and trustworthy leader. •Learn easy ways to experience greater energy all day long so that they can sustain the responsibility of being a leader. •Leave with a deeper level of body awareness and practical tools they can use immediately to increase their impact when they leave the room.