Carol O.
Carol O.

Carol Ostrom organized the first successful psychic fair in Ft. Collins in 1982 with a small group of friends. The first fair was at CSU and had 12 readers. Once the Fair moved to Lincoln Center, it was called the New Age Festival.

Although I had a number of intuitive incidents as a child and teenager, I first got into metaphysics in 1977 after experiencing a series of paranormal occurrences. Having a background in scientific research, I’m always asking questions and looking at things from many perspectives.

Over the years, I’ve done past life regression work, numerology, tarot, energy balancing and healing work, shadow work, taught dream interpretation groups and individual dream work. My late husband, Joseph Ostrom, is the author of “You and You Aura”. We traveled around the US in 1985, lecturing on the aura. – what it is, how to see it, working with repairing it after surgery, etc. Joseph was also a guest lecturer at the UFO conference in Laramie WY.

In the late 80’s I was guided to let go of the Fairs. Just after 9/11, I was guided to re-start the Fairs. Collecting canned food for the Food Bank was started in the 90’s and it continues today at the Spring & Fall Holistic Fairs.

More and more people are awakening to their connection to Spirit and their true Divine nature and we are growing as well. To meet the needs of this growing community we are expanding! In April 2017, we will host the 1st Denver Holistic Fair!

Over the years, the Fairs have evolved from “psychic” to “metaphysical” to “holistic” as people’s awareness has grown to understand the inter-connections between mind, body, spirit / soul. Or put another way, everything is inter-related, nothing is separate, from microcosm to macrocosm. I look forward to the time when everyone is consciously aware of their true nature.

Belu Olisa means “everything is possible with God”.