Welcome to the Holistic Fairs

***Registration for the Spring 2015 Fair will begin in January. Please sign up to the right to find out when registration for the Spring 2015 Fair will be opened. Booth pricing & additional info is available under our FAQ page. If you are not on our mailing list, add your name to the email list through the form on this page.***

When I organized the first successful “psychic fairs” in northern Colorado in 1982, it was considered very “out there” and “woo-woo”. Who would have believed, a short time later, “psychic” would become integrated into the mainstream through spirituality, alternative choices and holistic health.

Our small metaphysical collective has grown by leaps and bounds, as it has globally. Currently, with 2 annual Fairs, our now Holistic community is a strong, cohesive presence in our larger community in northern Colorado raising awareness in many areas of the inter-connectedness of all Life (both the seen and the unseen; the mundane & the transcendent ) on our planet.

Our Fairs always sell out and are wait-listed. Many readers and practitioners have built their clientele base by consistently participating in the Fairs. Plus we give back to the community through donating to our local food bank.

People often ask what “Belu Olisa” means. It is African and translates to “nothing is possible without God’s help or approval” or “everything is possible with God”.

Join us as we each progress on our individual & collective journey!

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